Tuesday, January 4, 2011


When I've posted in the past, I've tried to talk more about themes, ideas, classroom experiences, and less about myself. But it's been ages since I've posted and I thought I'd bring a little of myself into the post today. The big thing going on in my life is I'm on sabbatical. Basically what that means, is I've suspended offering massage school classes for the 2010-2011 season and have moved out of state for a year. I'm spending time helping out a friend who needed some help and I'm spending time rejuvenating myself. (That's my horse and me in the photo, enjoying a trail ride). The staff seems to be finding plenty of self-supportive things to be doing in this time away also. From raising families, planning weddings, and nurturing practices, there's plenty to keep us all busy and focused on what we hope are the right priorities.

When I decided to go on sabbatical, I actually looked up the word. It comes from sabbath and, as the sabbath is a day of rest every days, a sabbatical is meant to be a year of rest every 7 years. Or maybe not exactly a "rest," but a break from the production emphasis of the other 6 years in the cycle.
Which brings me around to how longs it's been since my last post. I have to admit, posting to this blog is a lot of fun. I like writing down ideas or sharing something that happened in the classroom and making it available for people to read. Hasn't everyone who's read a blog experienced the kick of cyber-relating? But (here it comes)...when I make my typical priorities, writing a post is way down on the list below, uh say teaching, meeting with students, doing payroll, filling out compliance forms for the state, holding staff meetings, and so on and so on.

When the gas prices and the economy did their thing, RMIHA experienced a drop in enrollment. (All you guys who've been waiting 3 years to afford massage school know what I'm talking about!) For me, the owner of a purposefully small, intimate, quality focused school, this meant more work on my shoulders and less hiring someone else to help out. Which eventually led to the sabbatical decision!

I'm back to having time to blog and write, just not in the thick of an operational school at the moment. I'm curious to see where that takes this blog. I'm still writing questions for the MBLEx, still doing massage, still offering continuing education (if you're interested in something in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, check out this class), so there are massage education things to write about. But I'm just gonna be open to whatever expression takes place. I'm gonna start a new blog about my time away from my business, my spiritual practice, yoga, riding my horse, service to others and all that good stuff. I'll post the link once I get that going.

I still have lots of opinions about massage education and have seen so many changes in the field since 2008. I'm sure I'll be spending some time like a sports announcer, critiquing from the sidelines, so tune in again. I sincerely doubt you'll have to wait another year for the next post!

Love to all,


Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing, Rebecca. I always find it wonderful and inspiring to hear your voice (in all forms.) I wouldn't be where or who I am today without your support, wisdom, friendship, and of course, your amazing school. Thanks for all that you have and do offer to all who are graced with your presence.

Rebecca Mauldin said...

Thanks Jessica! I don't know if I can take credit for "who you are today," but it's an AMAZING woman whom I'm blesssed to know!