Friday, January 7, 2011

In the Circle

At RMIHA, we sit in a circle for our non-lecture class discussions.  To me, it is an expression of unity, connection, and respect for one another.  In a traditional classroom set up, you can't look into the eyes of everyone in the class.   I think that makes the experience more solitary.  (Which I suppose could be valuable in some testing situations)!

Today in yoga class, our teacher started the class with everyone in a circle.  We closed our eyes and experienced a guided meditation and felt the energy of each other.  I realized since I've been on sabbatical, I've missed the experience of sitting in the circle.  I plan to be proactive in seeking out the experience of communing with a circle of friends, meeting round the metaphorical campfire (or literal for that matter!), and allowing the free flow of one person's energy unimpeded through the group. 

I recently started a personal blog and did another post about the circle and social networks



Issaquah Chiropractor said...

Brilliant post, nicely done. And thanks for mentioning all that info - you have introduced to me to three new blogs and I love them all! Cheers

Rebecca Mauldin said...

Thanks IC! It's so nice to meet new people on the blogosphere & learn about new blogs. I'm happy to have passed along the word of some new blogs to you and hope to see you around! Rebecca