Thursday, April 30, 2009

When Times Are Tough

Two weeks ago, a student shared to the class, "My cancer is back." It was a sad moment for all of us and we gave hugs and listened to what was going on. Over the next week and 1/2, the student came to class and participated fully despite her distractions. She sat through meditation class and watched her breath while experiencing her thoughts and sensations. She attended the Singing Bowls class and felt the powerful energies of the sounds of the bowls, and along with the other students, received a short personal session. She participated in exercises where we explored listening to our own inner guidance, clearing our energy fields, and calming and centering ourselves. I don't know, but I imagine she worried about being able to stay in massage school, about what her future was going to look like, about what was going to happen with her health and her life.

Then, a week and 1/2 after getting the initial news, she learned that the nurse practitioner had mis-read her lab reports and she did not have cancer, not even close. It was, as you can imagine, a huge relief.

She told me that being in massage school during all of this was a huge support for her. The meditation classes and the energy healing of the different modalities we explored had given her more peace and insight. And the love and support of classmates and teachers was always there for her.

The number one reason students don't make it through massage school is personal and health reasons. As a massage school director, I have seen students unable to stay in school who are very upset by their life's circumstances. It's sad to watch someone have to change or postpone their dreams when life gives them a detour. But for students who are able to stay in school, the gifts of love, support, and the tools for being present, centered and grounded are huge. I've always said massage school is an amazing experience. It's through both the good and the tough times that this becomes apparent.

I am grateful this beloved student does not have cancer. I'm also grateful she had the additional loving support of her massage school community and experience to help her through her week and 1/2 of scariness.