Friday, September 11, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Davida

I know everything in this world is impermanent. But as much as I know and have experienced this truth, it's still sad to say goodbye to good friends. Davida Millburn has been a teacher at RMIHA for 6 years, and has been in my life since I moved to Durango in 1999 and started working at South West School of Massage. Davida and I shared a massage studio back then and since, we have shared ups and downs and connected on a deep level.

It's not just me who's been touched by Davida's insight and loving nature. She's been teaching massage students for over 20 years. She was at Heartwood in CA before she even moved to Durango and then at Silver Sword Academy in Dgo back in the DAY as they say.

When Davida agreed to teach at RMIHA, she was coming from a huge loss in her life and was willing to commit to teaching a small 20 hour course called the Realm of the Heart. She brought the tenderness of her recent loss with her into her preparation for the class. She was willing to be a beginner in teaching a course she'd never taught. (For all of you non-teachers out there, this can be very challenging, especially when you're used to teaching a different curriculum and the classroom is usually as comfortable as the proverbial worn in pair of slippers). Entering into new subject matter, Davida explored her own heart and opened it up to a new set of students. Since then, she has taken on more and more responsibility at the school and has become an integral part of the Heartworks Approach program and Asian Modalities.

Davida's moving a thousand miles from Durango and will be spending time with her family. In Durango, we can never replace her, but I know that she won't really be gone either. Last graduation, one of the students shared that he was working on another graduate from a few years before. As he was working on her hara, she said, "Oh, I can feel Davida's hands through yours." I shared that with a couple of other people and got the same feedback: "Yes, that's happened to me too!" It's beautiful and amazing how literally she is touching so many people receiving bodywork today.

RMIHA was blessed to have her on our faculty and even as I say goodbye and acknowledge the transition that's occurring, I acknowledge that she will always be with us. Lucky us!


Lisa Rodriguez said...

Farewell, Lovely Davida!

I don't know if you remember me, but I worked with Rebeca and Jill in the office at South West Massage School in Durango. You were a soft, storng pressence back then and all of the students loved your work. As we all grow and mature in nurturing places such as RMIHA, I can imagine that your healing spiritual force has grown beyond words. I feel so blessed to have been a part of both SW and RMHA, blessed to know people such as yourself. May you continue to touch lives wherever you go. May you continue to love and touch your own tender places of the heart so that others can see the importance of loving each other and self.

Lisa Rodriguez

Airica said...

Dearest Davida, You are such an important part of my living education. You were such a gentle and knowledgable presence at the school, and I always looked forward to our class. I don't know what kind of words can express the kind of love and respect I have for you...if only you were here and I could touch you, then you would know. Thankful, you do know, you must feel your own goodness in your heart. I know that you know the rangelessness of spirit; May it continue to light your path beloved. Travel Well. Airica

Anna said...

I hope your journey to California is as blessed and wonderful as you.
Be Well
Anna Freeman

Anonymous said...

I feel very honored to have been in your final class at RMIHA. I will remember fondly and continue to share the work you taught us with others. Thank you also for your inspiring comment about my warm hara hands, I will cherish these words and continue to move from this sacred place.

Caitlin Webster

Claudia Anesi said...

Dear Beautiful Friend,

I am so sad to know that you are leaving but realize that my feelings come from a very selfish place. You have been a huge influence on my life since the moment you walked into the classroom at RMIHA. You have given me insights which have changed my life and set me free in so many ways. Lovely lady, I love you and admire you more than you'll ever know. I wish there could be more time for sharing our lives but please know that your spirit will live in me always. Many thanks for the pathways you have shown us here and for those you will continue to walk. I send blessing, love, and joy as you move along your path.


Anonymous said...

Your lovely and amazing... trulty an insperation to me. Thank You a million times over for your knowlege, insight and guidance. most of all thank you for being the person you are.
Sending Warm wishes and love,
Kate Harper-Smith (graduated July 05)

Anonymous said...

My first memory of you is sitting in massage school in meditation. You, sitting on that perfect little meditation stool that your husband made for you and I thought "what a cool stool"(obviously my meditation mind was distracted by this "cool stool") haha!
Then I got to know you as the wonderful teacher, human, and peaceful energy that you are!
So, in my mind and heart I will always know you as the "peaceful energy on the cool stool!" And that I must say IS PERFECTION!
I love you and wish you well on this new journey and I KNOW as anyone who KNOWS you that I am lucky to have crossed paths with you.

Anonymous said...

PS. the cool stool post was from Melanie Hamilton....Im not very technically inclined :)

amy said...

Happy trails to you, Davida!
Good luck in your next journey. You were one of my favorite teachers @ RMIHA even though I wasn't in the Heartworks program. It's always a loss to a community to lose a loving & wise person when they choose to leave the area. Your next place to call home will be lucky indeed!
With love,
Amy Grogan

Anonymous said...

Many Blessings Davida!
I am sending an abundance of Gratitude your way- what an honor it was to have you as my teacher! Thank you for introducing me to the cave of my heart and for sharing your healing wisdom.

Leah Fein said...

Oh, Davida. Thank you for being in my life during heartworks and forever. I wish you well as you leave Colorado. And just know that there are so many people who you have touched.