Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pre-Event Massage for the Durango Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

On Saturday, three of the students went to the Durango SKA Brewing Hat Ultimate Frisbee Tournament and gave pre-event massages to the players in the tournament. They had just finished a week of Sports Massage Class and were able to try out what they'd just learned.

They did lots of sports stretching and specialty techniques for getting athletes prepared for competition. Here's a shot of one of the students in the middle of a low back stretch. Sometimes when students learn sports stretching techniques, they are a little hesitant to try them out because it's something new and different from the basic massage strokes. These guys did great though and it was really fun for me to watch them just diving in and giving it a try.

I'm guessing it helped that the participants in the tournament were laid back and fun. I know they cared about their sport, but they also cared about connecting with each other and enjoying themselves, so it made it really fun to do massages for the event. Here are some of the players at the massage sign up table. You can probably see what I mean about the laid back vibe.
To see more photos from the day, click on our Ning Photo Album.

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