Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Healing Power of Crystal Singing Bowls

From August 7th - 10th, Angela Vaughan-Clark will be teaching a Singing Bowls workshop at the Rocky Mountain Institute of Healing Arts. I asked her to write a guest post to describe her work.

I am very excited to share that I am about to give a ground breaking new class at the Rocky Mountain Institute of Healing Arts in Durango, Colorado. I feel that this class is ground breaking because it is the first time that I have partnered with a Massage School to offer information on the Singing Bowls.

After 25 years in the holistic field, and 12 years working with Singing Bowls, I can sincerely say this is the best knowledge available on the subject. I have personally experienced the outcome of taking the art of the Singing Bowls to previously undiscovered heights.

I have always known the incredible impact of utilizing the power of the Singing Bowls along with mind/body modalities. I will be teaching this knowledge to others against the gorgeous backdrop of Durango, Colorado.

Specifically, I will be letting the secret out about how the massage experience can be turned into a profound healing release when applying the Singing Bowl principles.

The vibrational sacred sound of the Singing Bowls assists the massage therapist is countless ways when working with the physical, mental, and emotional issues of their clients.

The sound alone is like a vacation on the table. Then you add the physical relaxation that comes along with the vibrational medicine created by the Singing Bowls and you have one happy client.

The Singing Bowls are a wonderful addition to a massage practice. They are easy to use but definitely have to be applied accurately to the situation. With correct training any massage professional can reap the numerous rewards offered by the beautiful Singing Bowls.

I am very excited about working in partnership with the Rocky Mountain Institute of Healing Arts. They are wonderful people and a whole lot of fun!

See you there ... August 7-10th!


Angela Vaughan-Clark
Singing Bowls Master Teacher/Practitioner


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